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Dance music saw some of its finest hours a few decades ago. Like some of us, it grew up in the 80’s but came of age in the 90’s with that distinctive sound which became the soundtrack to some of the best (and not so best) times. At Dance Radio Shows we aim to keep having the best times by bringing a party to you every week featuring the hottest new tracks and the best of the classics that we all know & love.

Dance Party Weekly Podcast
Ready For The Weekend Podcast
Dance Party Weekly

Dance Party Weekly is a three hour networked radio show playing dance anthems from the last 30 years right up to todays hottest releases, every week we have a brand new hottest record and tune of the week.

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One station owner said Dance Party Weekly is an amazing weekly show that we feature. The music selection is fantastic and the presenter Lee is very entertaining and informative.

Ready For The Weekend

Ready For The Weekend is a one hour show full of current party anthems to get your weekend started in style.

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One station owner said "Lee’s show always provides a great start to our weekend output and it never fails to deliver an audience"

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